Ever thought of your life in 10 years? Or10 years ago? Of how much you want that job or when you lived in another country? Maybe right now your are painting a picture imagining your future. But what about your present? 🤨

I’ve asked you all these questions because we usually tend to live under the pressure of our future and the memories of our past. Limiting our lives by thinking of what it was or what it will be makes us forget to live and appreciate our PRESENT.

Ask yourself these questios:

🔹 What am I waiting for anxiously?

🔹 How much time do I need to be happy?

🔹 Would I like to go forward in time?

Those questions underline the fact you are living projecting yourself in the future.

It could be you are waiting 3 years to complete uni, a few months for your internship to end and get the job you want or for a better future.

But while waiting (maybe for a miracle), what do you wanna do? How do you wanna fill up your time?

The future we imagine is not always positive. If the imagined future is better, it gives us hope or pleasurable anticipation. If, on the contrary, it’s worse, it creates anxiety. But both of them are only a projection, which means we don’t really know what is gonna happen.

But also constantly thinking of your past doesn’t allow you to live in the present:

- Would I like to go backward in time?

- Do I have a thought which holds me in the past?

- Do I want to change something I did in the past?

If you think closely, you can’t change what has already happened, so why keep on harming yourself and creating negative energy? Don’t let self-criticism, regrets or guilt become part of you.

But let’s see how you can start focus on your present:

✅ Your past can’t be changed and the future is uncertain. Focus on what you can still change and it’s certain: your PRESENT.

✅ Jump back to your past only not to make the same mistakes. Then come back to the present and use them to improve your current situation.

✅ Practice gratitude daily (read the article), it’ll help you appreciate the little and big things that happen to you every single day.

✅ Don’t set your goals thinking you have to sacrifice all your time in order to achieve them. You can get to the destination but still enjoying the journey!

✅ Do the activities which make you feel alive. They’ll give you that daily motivation you need to enjoy your present.

✅ Appreciate every achievement, no matter how small. Don’t reward yourself only when you’ll achieve your goal.

Start today to put into practice these tips and you'll see how much your mind-set changes as well as the quality of your days❗

Let me know what you think and share it with someone who needs to read this article!