are you choosing your (un)happiness?

I’m telling you this: You are always choosing. Even when you think you are not, actually you are doing it. Doing nothing is a choice too!

Ever thought about that❓

A problem can be positive or negative depending on how you look at it and choose to (re)act.

If you are feeling miserable in your current situation😥, you feel like something out of it is outside of your control and you can’t do anything to solve it.

When we feel we choose our “problem”, we feel empowered. Instead, when we feel that it is being forced upon us against our will, then we are the victims of the situation🤕. Are you nodding, aren’t you? I know that!

Obviously, we don’t always control what happens to us, but we do choose how to INTERPRET things, and as a consequence, how to ACT. Our mood and the quality of our lives could depend on these two components!

With that said, I don’t want to claim that you have to pretend that nothing happened. That’s the opposite! One of the most common mistakes is to find a way of distraction, particularly in the first stage… which means: YOU ARE AVOIDING IT ❌!

📌Don't avoid it, face it. Understand what you feel and what triggers you, rather that “distracting” yourself, since, once your form of distraction is gone, your problem will be there waiting for you!

📌 If you need to speak up, find someone to talk to. If you need to stay alone, take some time for yourself. Do whatever suits you.

📌 Solve your problem. Look at it, feel your emotions freely. Focus on the EMOTION, rather than on the PERSON\EVENT that seems to have caused it, but then take action to find a solution and not someone to blame🔪.

📌 Don’t create a script in your mind such us: something bad has happened to me, that’s why I feel miserable. It’s like you are convincing yourself and justifying yourself for doing nothing.

📌 Don’t think that someone is gonna save you. I know it’s a tricky one (like most of the things 😊) but you have to find the motivation in yourself and figure out what works for you in the long term.

📌 Take all the time you need. Time⌚ is subjective. Therefore, use it as YOU want and not as those surrounding you want. After all, you cannot lie to yourself!

All these points have something in common: CHOICE.

You ACTIVELY choose how to see things, how to feel about them and what to do to be happy despite the difficulties.

Take it like a sort of training. After all, life is a chain of challenges: the final result will depend on how you decide to face them. And the good thing is that everything starts from YOU and you won't need anyone else!

I hope this article is gonna be helpful, take note, share it with your friends and let me know what you think 💚