Communication is getting more and more difficult these days… isn’t it? Whether it’s amongst peers, friends, children and parents (as usual 🤭), workmates, lovers… every aspect of our lives is based on communication.

→ The WORDS we use and the way we say them are fundamental to the way we connect with people.

Why are we communicating? 🤔

→ First of all, UNDERSTANDING should be the purpose of all communication, which means being physically and mentally present and being aware of what is going on in that moment, without reacting instinctively💥. Hard, hmm?

Some times, the topic of the conversation could trigger some emotional reactions, but WAIT😮😮!!! Before reacting:

1. Listen closely not to reply but to fully understand

2. Breathe in and out

3. Choose how to act

Consciously choosing when to speak or listen is the key to meaningful conversations, which means avoiding monologues or saying nothing. Let the other person speak, listen and then have your say. Continously interrupting someone is rude and confusing! (this is one of the hardest points, I know it!🙃)

→ Guide the other person toward an open, honest, respectful and meaningful conversation. Compete to see who screams more than the other one, won’t get any result! You’ll end up being dissatisfied, upset and voiceless🤐! Being honest doesn’t mean being rude: think about the words you say, since the impact on the other person could depend on them!

→ If you know that in that moment you could say something you don’t mean, take your time to analyse the conversation ⌚ and let the other person know. Why not setting an appointment to talk about it later on, more calmly? Yes, an appointment. “Can we put our talk off till tonight or tomorrow, after work?” This is a win-win solution for both of you: you’ll have time to sift the information and understand how to reply (without being so angry 😤)

→ Do you have a request to make? Keep in mind these 3 main points. A request should be:

✅ Positive: say what you want and not what you don’t

✅ Specific: you need to ask for something concrete

✅ Flexible: open to possibilities, not an ultimatum

→ Understand whether you want to reach a compromise: each of you should analyse the intensions behind the other’s request 🧠. Is it possible to meet in the middle? This doesn’t mean being weak, but it’s a sign of maturity and open-mindedness! (It’s up to you then, to stick to the decision you have made)

I could write several articles about communication, but I wanted to analyse the main points which are crucial to me and that could help you (or I hope so😅) communicate in a more efficient way.

Don’t just nod while reading this article🤓. Put into practice those tips and let me know how it goes❗