your thoughts shape your actions

I believe that once in your life you have said something like:’ Today my day has started miserably and I’ve only been attracting bad luck!’ or maybe only once in your life you haven’t said that… points of view…but what matters now it that you have pictured that imagine in your mind. And, of course, you have also noticed that bad things happened to you one after another that day, without understanding why. The concept is as simple as important. Have you ever heard about the law of attraction?

Now, I am not going to draw a chronological line to talk about history and how old this belief is, but you need to know that ancients already knew that:

‘What we are is the result of what we have thought’ Buddha

But they didn’t know it as law of attraction, which became a widespread expression thanks to the publication of the book ‘The Secret Doctrine’ by Petrovna Blavatsky in 1877.

What you think triggers some vibrations that influence how you feel, impacts what you attract and creates your reality. So, choose your thoughts wisely! 🙌

Therefore, the message of today is: your thoughts shape your actions.

‘What if I lose my job?’ (-)

‘What if I get a promotion?’ (+)

As you can see the difference between these two sentences and needless to say that the more we feed this negative mindset, the more negative the events. If you constantly think you could be fired any day now, unconsciously you’ll be frightened, demotivated to face new challenges with a low job performance. And guess what? Exactly! You’ll be fired!

And obviously you’ll blame your boss and you’ll picture in your mind the picture of you while slashing the tires of your boss’ car… or maybe, something worse! This could be a bit of a blow but…your negative thoughts, followed by negative actions have led to that result.

Whereas, if we analyse the second sentence, the attitude is totally different. If you wish for a promotion and you believe in yourself and that you are going to achieve it, your attitude will be positive, proactive and motivated to improve! I can’t tell you how much time the universe needs to reward you, but trust me, it will happen, if not in this job in another one! Who knows.

The law of attraction is a 3-step process. Let’s have a look in details.

1. ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT ⇉ Every day you send out requests to your subconscious, in the form of thoughts. Basically, it’s everything you think of, read and talk about and you are interested in. the more you focus on what you want the faster you’ll get it.

2. BELIEVE YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU WANT AND TAKE ACTION ⇉ Maintain a positive attitude and go through your day with confidence. Basically, you have to convince yourself you’ll get what you want. I know it’s not easy and maybe you are saying:’ Do you know how many times I woshed I could be millionaire but I still live with mum and dad?’ Well, first of all, you need to change your beliefs which might hold you back and then take action. Figure out what you want, channel all your positive energy in that goal and analyse what you can do to get closer to it. You can't turn your dreams into reality if you don't take action! Remember: no start is easy. And that’s the step in which your motivation could decrease and you’ll be tented to give up. But, hold on and remember why you started and where you want to get.

3. RECEIVE WHAT YOU ARE WORKING FOR ⇉ At this point you should keep on working on yourself (Did you think it was done in the point n.2?) by focusing on what you want to attract. I am not saying now you’ll be immune to negative thoughts (sorry) but you’ll be strong enough to catch them and turn them into positive thoughts. And keep working! Sooner or later you're going to get what you want!

It's all for today... a lot of things learnt and work to do. Take some time to think about what you want and work on it every single day! (I'm sorry,killing your boss is not included 🙄