are you afraid of being wrong?

We all want to be right in our lives and say: “See? I told you!” So satisfying!😎 Well, but we won’t talk about that today! We’ll talk about the other side, that side we are all scared of… BEING WRONG.❌

We usually tend to get defensive or even aggressive when our opinion is questioned. What if I told you that this can be a moment for growth❓

⚠️Our minds constantly make associations to help us understand and handle the environment around us, but those associations are not always correct: we forget details and misinterpret events quite easily… which leads to a high percentage of INACCURACY! This means we are wrong more often than we think!

If you admit that your beliefs, values or metrics you use to see the world can be imperfect and subjective (that change from person to person), then you’ll be more open to the possibility of making a mistake ✔️


➡️Admitting you’re wrong is a sign of maturity. It’s like saying: “I know I’m wrong and I’m ready to understand why and to find a solution to widen my view and work on my beliefs.

➡️Be open to new perspectives and evidence that contradict your beliefs. Don’t blank them!🔎 If you confront yourself, read and talk about one single way of seeing a specific thing, then you’ll be less willing to change/improve that belief.

➡️There isn’t only one way of doing things. Don’t be biased towards others and don’t think that your way is always the best one!

➡️If you support your own opinion only for pride, well, you are missing an opportunity to better yourself 🆘(and maybe you are losing a few people as well)

That being said, let’s sum up everything in 3 simple steps you can put into practice straight away:

1️⃣ADMIT IT: If not in front of the other person, at least to yourself (it’s a good start)

2️⃣UNDERSTAND WHY: analyse the situation more calmly and rationally. Understand the intentions behind the other person’s opinion, not only yours.

3️⃣TAKE ACTION: after understanding your mistakes, do something. Talk to the person involved, but make the change happen within yourself. if this doesn’t start from you, it won’t be an authentic change and it will last 1-2 weeks (basically, just to make the other person happy)

The key part🔑 behind all these steps is honesty with yourself. At first, you’ll experience “uncomfortable” feelings, since you are questioning your values/beliefs and doing something you’ve never done before!

So, next time you’re wrong, see it as a chance to analyse yourself and figure out what to improve. People will be inspired by your attitude, since they’ll see someone who is willing to learn and not necessarily to be right!🤩

Let me know what you think about the article and then share it with someone who may need to read it!