You have waited a whole week before reading the second part of the article! Congrats for your patience! (see? Indirectly I am teaching you how to be more patient 😊) I hope the waiting has increased the pleasure (they say like that) to find out the other points and that in the meantime you have started to analyse your situation!

So let’s finish this topic today!

Have you ever thought: ‘Am I doing something I really want to do?’ Well I am not going to make the classic example of a lawyer dad and his wannabe lawyer son (have I made it yet?) but that’s the idea.

Regardless whether it’s your job, partner or your study field, does it come from you or from someone else? If your answer is the second one, well, you are living according to someone else’s EXPECTATIONS! It’s tricky to pursue a law career, for example, if you are not keen on it. Just think of you waking up everyday knowing you are gonna spend your day doing something that doesn’t satisfy you. And what about MOTIVATION? If you don’t love what you are doing it’s unlikely you are gonna find the right motivation to go on…

I know that money is a good motivation, someone might say. But how many times have you heard of bankers, IT experts or lawyers who quit their jobs to follow their cooking, painting or baking passion?

I would say that maybe money was not their strongest motivation!

Needless to say that life is yours and you should fullfil your ambitions, but sometimes this freedom can ‘harm’ someone else. And here the next point is linked.

Are you afraid of doing what you really want for fear of DISAPPOINTING one or more people? Keep in mind the example of the lawyer dad and his son: the dad has sacrificed a few years in order to get the success he currently has and wishes (or better, he wants) that his son follows his footsteps.

Some of you might think ‘Who is going to complain about having a job yet without any effort?’ It depends. What if his son doesn’t want to be a lawyer? It can be he’s doing this only not to let his dad down. But, would you live that way, by doing something you don’t like only not to disappoint someone?

If your answer is NO, start to understand what you want to change: the partner or job that your family think is better for you, the sport all your friends do that you don’t like, the university your teacher recommended you… So put YOURSELF first, with YOUR own needs! Those choices could go against what others have planned or expected from you. This means being ready to let someone down!

We all know the typical person who seems constantly motivated with no interests. Or is that you? Let’s pretend you are ‘asking for a friend’. Each of us has his/her own passions, skills and interests, but we tend to limit ourselves. Think back to your childhood: to the famous question ‘What would you like to be when you grow up?’ there were plenty of answers (I am sure you set your sights quite high)

What happens over time? We find ourselves hemmed in by self-imposed limitations, convincing ourselves we cannot do something and we end up picking up the second, the third option because more ‘realistic’. But this is the truth: there are no big obstacles to what we can do and achieve. Just think of all the records which seemed to be unbeatable and then someone has broken them! We don’t necessarily have to lift 100kg with one hand or smash 50 watermelons with our heads (or maybe yes) but what I am trying to say is that the only limitation to reach your goals is you!

So, now it’s time to take a pen and paper (in case you haven’t done it yet) and go over the factors we’ve seen together in those two articles. Be honest with yourself and understand what you want to improve or change. Transform your life and plan YOUR new goals!

Let me know what you think and share it with someone who needs to read this article! 😊