Looking for a goal could seem an easy and no time-consuming activity, but the reality is different: there are a few elements to take into consideration when thinking about planning your goals to achieve.📑 It could be you are super motivated and ready to start but then you ask yourself: ‘And now, what should I write? I thought I had a million ideas!’

Well, there are a few factors which can put a stop to your hand when trying to write something or ‘help’ you write down a lot of ideas which don’t look like yours. (are you nodding while reading this?)

Yes yes, got it… let’s have a look at these factors into details. Let’s start from a few of them.

You are excited and motivated. You want to achieve something in your life at the moment. You do want to change your current situation. Therefore, what motivates you is the desire to CHANGE. A lot of people talk about their unhappiness and want their lives to be different. It can happen that those who are listening to them can think: ‘Ok, but if you are not happy with your life, your job or a specific situation, why don’t you change it?’ The bravest not only will think of it, but also they’ll ask the person in front of them and the possible answers might be:

a. It’s too easy to speak

b. You don’t know anything!

c. I can’t, I really can’t!

d. All the above (with an aggressive temper + hand gesture to emphasise the concept)

Changing is not easy peasy and it needs a strong motivation. But if you do want things to be different, be brave and TAKE ACTION! You could start from small changes: wake up earlier, spend 30 mins a day to read, drink more (water, of course 🤣) to get to more important changes (very subjective): change your job, get out from a toxic relationship, move to another country…and so on.

If we talk about change we have to take into consideration the reason why a lot of people stop right before taking the step: the fear of the UNKNOWN and FAILURE. This is what makes the difference between who decides to change and who doesn’t: focusing on making a change rather than on what can go wrong.

I am not saying you don’t have to think about any problems or risks, but don’t give it too much attention! If the idea of change popped up in your mind this means that you do want to change something. Don’t convince yourself you won’t be able to handle it and then jumping back to your old routine (you weren’t happy with!) In case it doesn’t pan out nicely you will understand what didn’t work. Then decide whether to give you another opportunity in that sense by figuring out what to do or change direction alltogether! In both cases you are one step further than when you started!

Let’s say you are brave enough to start, but something is holding you back. But what is it? Would you feel judged if you made that decision? Sometimes you might think people judge you 24/7, for your appearance, your job, your partner or your life choices. It’s too way easy to picture this image in our mind and so difficult to get rid of it. ‘What if I start doing this? What are people gonna think about it?’ Do you see yourself in those questions? Why should your goals and choices depend on what other people think? And then, are you sure people waste their time criticising what you do or intend to do?

Moreover, all this penalises you, since you don’t give yourself the chance to explore new opportunities and get what you deserve. Whether they are real or not, free your mind from those negative thoughts that could stop you from reaching that goal. There will always be someone ready to judge but it’s up to you not to give them the power to decide what to do with your life! Enjoy this freedom!

That’s all for today, but see u next week, with the other factors to analyse. I promise they’ll be mind blowing and after these two articles you’ll know perfectly what to do and you’ll be spoiled for choice! (you’re welcome, you don’t have to thank me 😜 )

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