how to find your motivation and keep it

5 tips to find a long lasting motivation

Sometimes it’s so hard to stay motivated. It can happen you envy those who constantly look super motivated, whether it’s in your daily life or on social media and you wonder what their secret is.

You might have tried to copy them but something didn’t work for you.

And here we have 5 tips to find the motivation tailored for you!


The search for motivation is extremely personal: what motivates you, doesn't motivate someone else. How come? Each of us does something for different reasons. It’s like a study method: you have to understand which one is the best for you!

Which means, don’t copy anyone since you’re gonna give up after a while!


If you are thinking of finding your motivation outside yourself you have got another thing coming. “I want to lose weight for my partner”.

Doing something in order to be liked by someone it’s not the best strategy. What if your partner broke up with you?

Basically he/she is going to take with him/her your motivation, so you’ll find yourself demotivated again. Instead, if you find your motivation within yourself, that desire which makes you start and go on, it’ll stay there with you, no matter what your partner decides to do!


Dont’ think that after finding your motivation there’ll be nothing left to do. If you have found yours, congratulations, you are one step ahead! But you have to know that it won’t be always easy!

By saying this I don’t want to discourage you, but if sometimes you will feel demotivated, be aware it’s something that everyone experiences. The most important thing is to breathe, reorder your ideas and start from where you left!


One of the the most efficient techniques to feed your motivation is to remind yourself why you are doing that specific thing:

▪ Why did you start?

▪ What didn’t you like before?

▪ Which improvements have you noticed since you started?

▪ Would you sacrifice that feeling just because giving up is easier?


Being motivated is not easy peasy, since sometimes the results don’t come that quickly and giving up seems to be the only solution. Motivation and patience feed each other.

So, don’t put yourself down if you don’t see instant results, they’re gonna come, sooner or later! And then use them to carry on!

To grow your motivation, look for signs of progress while you pursue your goal. Note your achievements, no matter how small. Every time you add a little piece be proud of yourself and of where you are.

I hope this tips are going to help you find and keep your own motivation (delete the IG model’s pics you have saved!😜)

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