how to be more confident

Do you feel confident enough? Not only physically, but also mentally. If you asked someone to describe you with 3 adjectives, do you reckon one of them would be confident/determined?

If you answer is no or you sometimes struggle with believing in yourself, well, read this article closely and take notes!

I’m gonna show you some tricks on how to start building up your confidence or taking it to the next level!


Plenty of people have low self-esteem, believing they don’t deserve the best in their lives, profesionally or personally. Maybe some events, comments or people made you think you are not worthy of getting a fantastic and fulfilling life.

I’m telling you this: nobody, not even yourself, can prevent you from finding and knowing your value! If you don’t learn how to appreciate and love yourself, nobody will do it for you.

⇨ Divide a paper in two: on one side, write down all the physical and character traits of yourself you like the most and highlight them. On the other, the traits you like the least, but instead of putting yourself down start working on them! Both sides will help you shine, baby!


Are you afraid of exposing yourself? Or that your opinion wouldn’t make any difference? Being scared of expressing your idea or simply talking about a topic, decreases your level of confidence.

Your word is as important as the others’. Having an environment which allows you to speak would be an excellent start, therefore take this chance! Be bold and make your voice heard! The more you practise, the easier it’ll get. Who knows, maybe your idea will make the difference!

⇨ Raising your voice doesn’t mean being confident. During a conversation, meeting or a simple arguement try being calm. Who raises his/her voice will be forced to calm down and lower his/her voice to talk and listen to you. This is real power!


Have you ever said:“ You disappointed me, I didn’t expect that from you” or has anyone ever told you this? Well. Having high expectations is not a winning strategy.

If you always expect something from the people surrounding you, the probability to get disappointed will be very high. In fact, if you think about that, expectations are simply projections of our mind that, 99% of the time don’t match with the other person’s actions. And as you know, we all think and act differently! Focus on your values and actions instead.

⇨ Practise having less expectations. But remember: this doesn’t mean you don’t care about that person! It’ll make you feel more confident and less exposed to disappointment and mood swings! As a consequence, you’ll get more resilient and you won’t constantly mess up your days.

REMEMBER: This doesn’t mean accepting anything others do! It means choosing how to react in every situation and eventually, deciding to walk away without harming yourself. The way other people behave is not your problem!


Everyone should have boundaries. This tells other:”This is the way I want and deserve to be treated”.

Think about the protected areas: there are fences or walls which protect them from people, but also gates which welcome them at set times and modalities.

⇨ Understand what makes you feel good and how you would like to be treated. For example:“ I don’t like when people are aggressive with me while discussing or they raise their voice”, therefore set your boundary:” If you are interested in talking to me, it’s better if you do it in a calm way” and so on. Those fences have to be very clear. In this way you’ll be much more confident about your beliefs and your worth! Learn to let go those who don't respect you and constantly overstep your boundaries!

I am sure that with those tips you’ll boost so much your confidence level that your friends will ask you what your secret is (and, OBVIOUSLY, you will suggest them my blog 😊)!

Let me know what you think and share it with some friends who need to read this and other articles!