physical activity and motivation

6 tips to find the perfect sport for you and stay motivated in the long term.

Let's dive into the 6 tips straight away! Take note and put them into practice ASAP:

1️⃣ FIND YOUR MOTIVATION WITHIN YOURSELF: here we go again! Like our daily life, the same goes for physical activity. Don’t look for your motivation in something external (to impress someone, to show someone something❌) since, if that reference goes away, your motivation will follow. And you’ll have to start again!🤕

2️⃣ CHOOSE THE ACTIVITY THAT SUITS YOU: don’t go to the gym because is a thing or don’t go running because you friend does. Find the sport that you enjoy and makes you feel good, but above all that you won’t quit after 2 days❗ How to understand which one is the right one? (not your potential partner). Easy: when you find the time to do it among your daily tasks, without making silly excuses not to start!

✔️ Make a list of the physical activities you’d like to do (adapt them to our current situation, e.g. to do at home, on the Internet…) and give yourself some time to try them. After each activity, rate them from 1 to 5, assessing how much you liked it, your energy level and whether you’d like to keep doing it

3️⃣ GIVE IT THE RIGHT PRIORITY: if you have followed the first two tips, then the probability that this activity (the one with the highest score) can become a LIFESTYLE will be very high!💪 It shouldn’t be an obligation. If you chose well, then it’ll be a moment for yourself to shake your stress off, to clear your mind and it’ll become a need!

✔️ Add your sport to your weely schedule so that you’ll know precisely when to do it. Don’t improvise!

4️⃣ BE PATIENT: we easily tend to put ourselves down when we don’t see any result after…5 mins! But there’s no reason to do it. With discipline, perseverance and patience you’ll start seeing results. Then, use them to keep going!😎

✔️ Set some achievable goals, which are challenging and not overwhelming!

5️⃣ DON’T COMPARE YOURSELF WITH ANYONE ELSE: who better than you knows where you started? And that should be the only benchmark. See how your body changes when you treat it with kindness and love!💞

6️⃣ PHYSICAL AND MENTAL BENEFITS: needless to say that sport not only improves your body but also your mind, your mood and your energy level. ➡️ It helps you be more productive and you’ll learn to better manage your time too. Feeling great physically will boost your optimism, your confidence and positivy! What else❓

📢I hope these tips will be helpful to find the right activity for you and the motivation in the long term. There would be some moments when you feel you have lost it, but always remember why you started. Take notes and start off (or continue) your journey!

For your body care as well, a strong mindset is the key for success!

📃Let me know what tips you’ll use and share this article with someone who needs to read them!