6 tips to start like a pro

Honestly speaking, how many times do we walk on the street thinking of how lucky we are, only for the fact of being alive? Sometimes I wonder, why is it so tricky to be grateful for what we have? Or why are those astral moments so rare like when our hair is perfect and it’s not raining outside?

A great number of human psychology studies have shown how easily we tend to focus on negativity and neglect all the good things we have got or done. But think for one moment: positive thoughts feed positivity and negative thoughts feed negativity. Easy, isnt’it?

So, the message of today is this one: focus on what you have and do rather then on what you don’t have and don’t do.

If you feed negativity you’ll only experience stress, bad digestion, bad mood…and nobody wants this (I think so 😊). No supplements or tea on the market are going to give you a dose of positivity and gratefulness. The only one who can do this is YOU. Moreover, you will notice that, in all the steps of this journey, everything starts from you, since you are the architect and the builder of your own identity! Being grateful allows us to live in the present, without constantly thinking of what we could have done differently or of using a crystal ball to see our future. Such a waste of energy!


  • I have to wake up early to get to work


  • I am grateful to have a job

Maybe you are smiling right now because this is exactly what you said this morning! But let’s take a moment to think about the power of the second sentence, so simple but so effective. Be grateful to have a job, to be busy, to earn some money and to wake up with a purpose.

But now let’s go into practice!

Here you can find the 6 tips to start this journey within yourself, with yourself and for yourself:

1. Take a pen and piece of paper and write 5 things you are grateful for and read them as a reminder

2. Stop complaining and start appreciating

3. Be surrounded by positive people who enhance your ‘positive vibe’

4. Don’t compare yourself to others (what they have/do)

5. Think about the present

6. Subscribe to my blog to read all my posts 😊

Training your gratefulness is not that difficult and it takes a little effort to start. After all, you’ll stand out from the crowd since your energy level is so high that it’ll be impossible to resist you! Positive thoughts, positive experiences, positive people. Not a bad start, don’t you think so?

See u at the next post,

This is just the beginning!