6 easy-effective tips to stay motivated

You often ask me: “How can I find my motivation and be more confident?” (you can read an article about this here) but, once found it, how do you keep it in the long term❓

Today I’m going to share with you a few tips which will be helpful to TURN POSITIVITY AND MOTIVATION INTO YOUR LIFESTYLE😍

1️⃣ FIND YOUR MOTIVATION WITHIN YOURSELF: I know I always bang on about this, but everything starts from you! Don’t look for your motivation in something or someone external: it will be temporary, unstable and you won’t achieve that much!😱

2️⃣ DO THE THINGS YOU ENJOY: do the activities which make you feel alive in order to stay positive and confident.🥰 Imagine living everyday by doing only things you hate! So, take some time for your passions and you’ll find the energy to do the tasks you don’t really fancy as well.

3️⃣ TRACK YOUR PROGRESS: do you want to achieve a goal? Fine, write it down, but don’t forget to track the little steps to get to the final destination. Keep a journal or a notebook to write down every achievement, mistake (which helps you understand what NOT TO DO), new ideas, changes… 📝Visualising them and paying attention to what you are doing, not only motivates you, but also helps you better organise your work.

4️⃣ SURROUND YOURSELF WITH SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE: how nice is it to talk about projects, ideas and objectives and feel supported? Being surrounded by people who don’t believe in you,who constantly criticise or laugh at what you are doing, slow down your race. Since you have an active role in choosing people you want in your life, take action and decide who you want in your circle.

5️⃣ BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: before looking for external support, look for it within yourself. Are you doing what you like?💞Do you feel fulfilled? Are you your #1 fan? If you don’t believe in who you are and in what you have to offer, it’ll be clear from miles away. What makes the difference? A strong and positive mindset! 💯 And obviously work hard to get whatever you want!

6️⃣ BE KIND WITH YOURSELF: it’s normal that you experience those days where you feel a bit down and you can’t do that much. It happens and you shouldn’t bombard yourself with negativity or think you have lost your motivation! Figure out what is preventing you from feeling your best, listen to what your body says and do something to get your power back! 🤙

Finding and keeping your motivation is a personal journey, which means you have to create one which suits YOU and NOBODY ELSE. Read my articles and experiment with what could work for you and you’ll adjust it along the way!

You’ll find the true replies only through an honest analysis of yourself. Start to put these tips into practice and you’ll see an improvement in the quality of your days, of your mood and as a consequence, of the ENERGY you’ll spread to others! 🙌🌈